Thursday, February 14, 2013

To you with love

    Happy Valentines day all! So I normally don't celebrate this holiday with such gusto as others but there is good reason. My birthday is on the 16th so growing up today was just another to get in the way of the birthday count down.
    Since the Hubs went out of state on a job interview the kids gave him his gift before he left yesterday and it was a smash! He loved it!! It was a personalized spinner ring by Snow Mountain Designs on Etsy. I worked with Fran on the details and she did such a great job! Instead of the kid's names, it has the kid's birthday days on so when someone sees it they wouldn't know what the numbers mean. Check her out. (PS When he comes back home later today I'm going to take a picture to post on here since the ring is with him in WI)
    For the kiddos I did pink heart pancakes. Yummy! The kids also had a blast doing these balloon popper things. You smack the bag and out pops an inflatable balloon. How fun. They each got a little toy too because I couldn't help myself even though I should - haha. Trey got a few HexBugs, Liv got the Valentine Lalaloopsy Mini and Bear got a little doll.
    What did you do today for your little folks? Any sweet treats or fun surprises?

Smack A Pack - picked them up at Target in their deadly but fun dollar section

All the smacked balloons

Ok so I know this is corny but here are the Tweedle's pink pancake heart breakfast. Bear had her favorite - avocado banana puree.


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