Monday, February 18, 2013

Tortle Review and Giveaway

    Nearly 1 in 2 babies will develop flat head syndrome. I know this was something that was on my mind for all three of my kids. I had to make sure I was proactively keeping an eye on how they slept and how they laid their heads.
    Although I didn't know all the statistics and the facts, I just knew that if I let my babes sleep on one side that they could develop flat sections on their head. I didn't realize all the ripples that go into affect if a child is to develop a flat spot on their skull. It's kind of scary, especially for first time mothers.
    I want to introduce you to Tortle. Tortle is an adorable beanie that is designed to help prevent flat head syndrome by Dr. Jane. It can even help to treat the early stages when detected early.


    The name is so unique and I like the background behind it. The name of the condition in which severe neck muscles tighten associated with flat head syndrome is called Torticollis. Influenced with the turtle's shell's soul purpose to protect the turtle and there you have the background story of the Tortle name.
    This beanie is an FDA-cleared Class I medical device. It promotes healthy head and neck motion without pillows or wedges which we all know are "no-no's"
Such a fun, adorable design! This pattern is Sweet Pink Flowers.

    It is very easy to use and is best used within the first 6 months. Just align the support roll behind one ear when you put the beanie on and then switch sides after a while. If there is already some flattening present, simply use the Tortle on that side to help prevent further flattening. Once this is establish you can begin switching from side to side. Please note that is not to be used overnight.
    Tortle comes in three sizes up to 6 months/20lbs. It also comes in three different colors: Classic White, Sweet Pink Flowers and Whimsical Elephant. The design of the one I received to review was Sweet Pink Flowers. They also sell these fun interchangeable headbands. Too cute!!

The headbands fit through a hole sewn in the beanie.
Here I took a ribbon to give an idea of where it is located.

    This product is definitely something that should be on baby registries! I am still at a loss to know that so many babies are affected by flat head syndrome which is easily preventable.
    I wish this was around when I had my first child. Luckily I think I did a good job at keeping up with how my kids laid their head. I'll admit that sometimes I take a while before checking on Bear because I am preoccupied with the Tweedles. I have been using the Tortle for when she is in the swing and when she takes the occasional nap in my arms. (I can't help it - she's my last baby and I want to soak it all up! As we all know they just grow up too darn fast!)

Swing time with her Tortle- it's such a cute beanie.

    Want to learn more? You can read more about the product and about flat head syndrome by visiting their website here. It is very easy and educational.

    Want to buy? You can purchase a Tortle on here on their website. Choose your size and color and your that much closer in preventing flat head syndrome for your babe!

    Want to win one? Use the form below for your chance to win a beanie! Good luck!!
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I received a free Tortle as part of a promotional program with MomSelect.
All opinions are my own.


  1. I love these. Why didn't someone think of them sooner? I might be gifting these to new mommies and daddies. I just had to research them because of my 5-week-old's torticollis. She did a great job. I would like more plain colors, but so far they're great.

  2. I know! I thought the same thing when I received it. Such a great idea.