Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mermaid and Pirate Party

    I'm normally not one to do fun holiday cookies or cupcakes with frosting and icing and toppers but I have always made my children's birthday cakes. This year's theme was Mermaid and Pirate. Another fun birthday combo party theme. Last year was just Princess and Hot Wheels but the year before that was Alice and Madhatter. That one was a fun one too!!
    Liv doesn't eat cake, just the toppings so I had fun making her cake with plenty of jelly beans, chocolate shells and an edible mermaid tail. (That's not Barbie - that is Chelsea just to get a size reference).
    Trey has started to eat the cake part but still is focused on the frosting and toppings as well. I used a sugar sheet for the black and white skull and some jelly bean waves with those yummy red Swedish fish.
    For the guests I usually use the rest of the cake batter to make cupcakes so I did an easy split down the middle and did part in mermaid and part in pirates. I even made them choose at the door if they were going to be a pirate or mermaid. It was a fun party. I'm looking forward to Bear's first birthday.., I'm thinking Pink Lemonade theme!!
     What kind of themes have you had to celebrate your kid's birthdays? How do you make it extra special?

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  1. Just in love with Mermaid and Pirate Party. Those cupcakes are mouthwatering. At one of domestic LA venues we hosted a fun fairy bash for our daughter and that too turned just fantastic. It was professionally organized by my sister who is a talented party planner.