Sunday, February 3, 2013

To make a bid or not

    So a while back I b*tched complained pointed out that our current state of our house is that it is stuffed to the gills and is too small for us. Well, it was small for us two kids ago but who is keeping track?
    Yesterday we toured a house that ironically is diagonal from the one that I "house stalked", which by the way came on the market at an ungodly asking amount for an abandoned foreclosed property. But I'm not going to linger on that. (Even though it still grinds my gears) This house we toured is mainly what we want. A two story colonial style house with four bedrooms, a few bathrooms and a basement. Only "hiccup" on this property is that there is a dry pond in the back yard after the property line. The good news is that the town will never, ever, EVER build on it but the bad news is that we could never, ever, ever purchase that land behind ours and build Hub's dream barn/workshop.
    I'm struggling with this idea that if we were to put an offer on it and it was eventually accepted that the perfect property and dream home in our price range and desired school district would pop up on the market! Maybe because this type of thing has happened before.
    You know what I'm talking about, where you do all your research, you save up, you finally get what you had wanted/needed and then the next day there is something exactly what you were looking for but instead had already "settled" on what you worked up towards.
    One realtor that we were working with pointed out that this next house should be looked at being ours for the next 20 or so years. That's a long time! I wasn't even thinking about time spans when Hubs bought this house. Although we had both agreed that eventually we would put an addition on current house..., which has obviously changed.
    Have you ever felt like something better was going to come to light after you finally decided? How about on something big like a house? What did you do? I'm half tempted to promise myself to never, ever look online at the new houses for sale after we hopefully find ours. But the cat in me would be uber curious.

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