Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday and Friday

    I have two nights that are my busy nights.., Monday and Friday. Monday is just an eternal sucky day because it means the weekend is over and back to the grind we go. Friday should one of those awesomely cool days where you grab the kids and relax because the weekend is finally here.
   Monday is a long night for me because the Hubs works until 8pm so I pick up the kids, sit in traffic, make them dinner, feed Bear and the Tweedles, bath, books (depending on how long bath takes and Bear's mood) and then Tweedles  to bed. Then I turn around and feed Bear so she will lay down with just enough time to spare to make something to eat for the Hubs and I. Oh and get Liv's dance clothes ready for the next day along. Phew!
    Fridays currently are gymnastics days so its work, rush to get kids, have Liv change while rounding up the other two - I go to her classroom first with her bag and have her change in the bathroom - race out to the arena then home to eat, followed by bath, books, bed, blah blah blah. Luckily that season should be nearing an end within a month or two.
    What are you busy days? What do you do to keep things running smoothly?

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