Monday, February 25, 2013

Chef Big Bro

    My little man has always been in the kitchen with me when I cook. He loves to watch, ask questions and try for himself. I think he really likes being my taste tester the most.
   We have been making an effort to prepping more baby food at home with Bear, it's just easier since we already have the fruits and veggies for the older kids so taking an extra few minutes to whip up some puree for her is super easy. And with the Farmers Market around the corner the timing couldn't be any better! I use just a simple food blender I acquired a while ago.
    Trey wanted to help me out with the batch of fruits we bought over the weekend. Here is he making his "Big Brother Blend" for Bear. *Don't worry that knife he has is barely a blade and the banana was the only thing that he used it on since that is about all it can "cut" 

Cutting up the banana - he put 2 whole ones in
Counting out the 14 blueberries and 2 blackberries
Mixing it up
 Last but not least, bottling it up.
This step was going slow but he was doing such a great job, until he figured out that it was really yummy. So I stepped in and finished up.
I let him have the rest and boy! He practically licked that container clean!  

Do you make baby food? Do you intend to? 
What do you use? Just a food blender or a baby food focused one?
Does your little one have a favorite blend? 
Bear still loves the avocado banana blend we whip up.

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