Thursday, March 7, 2013

What's more fun that a box - Wittlebee

    I have dragged my feet on this Wittlebee post long enough. I suppose it is because I had a pretty good box for my first one so I was expecting just about the same, if not better.
    With an intro like that you can only predict that I was disappointed in the contents of the second box sent to us - well all with the exemption of one article.
    I sent in an inquiry email right away to see what happened. The items did not match my clothing request which is fine, I can deal with some of that here and there but three items that were plain and could be purchased at the store for a few way less? Not digging that. The kicker was the colors did not match the profile I set up, which were earth tones.
    The response I received was not impressive. At first I was told the following: "our service is designed to be a fun surprise each month that will supplement your existing wardrobe. While we love to get as much preference information on what you are looking for and the styles of clothing you are wanting to receive, we are not able to guarantee that only those items will be included in your box. It is not our goal to meet your child's complete clothing needs with our boxes, but we instead try to provide something fun for the family to enjoy together and have use of without the hassle of going to the mall. We are a bit low in inventory and that may be another reason we were not able to tailor your box to your preferences."   I was a bit floored. I understand that they are not to complete my child's wardrobe but half the items I received were plain Jane items that we already have enough of. How is three plain items consider a fun surprise I cant tell you. One plain item is fine, but three? Nothing fun there. No designs, no textures, just plain. And the color profile? Way off. So then why have me fill out a style profile?
    I asked about their inventory for the possible next box. I don't want to pay for another hum-drum box. That was followed by: "We should be back on track by then. the season is changing here as far as purchasing. Mid February early March we will have a new system that allows you to choose a few of the items you receive, we will be fully stocked in inventory, and our shipping times will be back on track by then as well."
    I am left with a sour taste. I informed them that I would have much rather waited for stock than just be sent a box of stuff to just fill my subscription timeline.
At least it was a full looking box.
A cute outfit and it's actually a dress which is one of the styles selection for our profile but PINK? Definitely not an earth tone.

This was the one item I really liked. The color and ruffles are adorable.

These three items were less than thrilling, quiet random.
Feels like they were just tossed in because they fit the size profile.

The overall spread.
    I wish I could encourage to join this service. The idea of it is neat and my first box really showed awesome potential but to use the excuse that the inventory was low and that the next box "should" be better because stock will be in is a poor reason.
    There have been many changes with the service since I joined. They charge for shipping now if you are a new subscriber but also have a feature they are rolling out where you can choose from an online stock room a few pieces to go in your monthly box.
    I'm just not sure where I sit with this service. For now - I have my account on hold until I can further decide.  

I purchased this Wittlebee Box and was not compensated in any way.
My opinions are my own.

Next box to review: Citrus Lane

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  1. Eek.
    I'm better off going to the mall.
    I'm not a fan of these monthly boxes anymore. After my horrible sour taste from TeetheMe, I am done!
    See Ya'll at the mall!!