Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lunch Lady Land - Packing lunch

    I know I have plenty of time before I really have to worry about packing Liv's lunches, but before I know it she will be going to Kindergarten. She has been very active in choosing her items, like her backpack, her smock and her lunch box. In fact, after a ton of research and a lot of price shopping I made the decision to invest in a lunch tin from Planet Box.  These do carry a hefty price but when you think about the money you'll be saving this investment is worth it.

    The stainless steel, eco friendly, reusable and even customizable lunch box has little compartments and is perfectly compact. I wont have to worry about baggies, containers or anything else that could get lost or tossed. And one of the things I like most is that everything will be there for her to see and eat right away instead of pulling one thing out her lunch bag, eating that then moving on. All the food is seen and she can just eat.
    We ordered the Rover version, which is the smaller of the two offered. Much to my daughter's "sha-grin" we ordered the black carrying case even though she wanted the pink, then the purple. (I pushed for the black to fend off any stains or dirt. I am that neurotic I guess.)
    I did let her choose two sets of the magnets. She picked out Fairies and Rainbow. Both are fun and charming, aren't they?

     I plan on plenty of fruits and veggies cut up to fill the compartments. She loves cucumbers with Italian dressing and both of my kiddos are suckers for blackberries!  I'm thinking the occasional noodle salad and classic pb&j sandwich will be some great main staples.  Any other ideas for a kid's lunch? Any easy wraps that will stay until lunch time? Any things I can make the night before and still be appealing when she sits to eat? I think I'm going to try out some mini meals to see how she digs them. I have a few months to practice!   

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  1. how about no bake granola balls? they have protein and can be healthy