Friday, March 22, 2013

Venti? You betcha!

    I had a quick errand to run on lunch today while at work since I'm here an extra hour. I rearranged my schedule so the Hubs could pursue this new job of his. I already miss my extra hour sans the kids on Fridays but we'll make do. 
    Anyway - back to what I was going to brag about. I happened to remember an email from Starbucks for my birthday last month that I had a drink (or food) coming to me. Happy Birthday to meeeeeee!! Somehow I was able to find it on my phone through the Starbucks app and cash in on that sweet deal!
    I went big! Venti baby!! A nice ol' green tea latte. I skimped on the whip though.., it would have gone straight to my hips. Haha. 
    This takes me to my Smart Phone. I still don't use it that much and I don't have many apps on it. I think I am in denial I had to upgrade when the Hubs did. And my old regular phone was restarting when it felt like it. 
    Anyway, I ended up with a Samsung Galaxy or something like that. I was aiming for an iPhone but wasn't too sure on it. I chose something simple to start with, although I seriously don't use my phone for much of anything. It has a crappy camera, no flash and holds a crappy charge. Enough of my whining about Smart Phones. 
    I want to know - what kind of apps do you have on your phone? I use Cozi with the Hubs which coordinates calendar events between our phones, the Starbucks app, Endorse, Shopkick, ibotta, Pinterest and gStrings (to tune guitars).
    What kind of phone do you have? Likes? Dislikes? Does anyone have an iPhone? What is the camera like on those? I wonder if the Cozi app would still communication to the Hubs phone if I went iPhone. I can guarantee he would never go with an Apple OS. 
    On another note - I bought this during my outting today for Big Bro. I don't know why he loves these stretchy weird lizards, frogs and dinos - he just does. 

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