Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hunting for eggs

    Ever since I knew the Hubs he always worked Saturdays. Since he has taken a new job he now two day weekends. The kids made sure to jump on that wagon and begged him to go with us to the egg hunt that's near my parents house. So today all of us went egg hunting. It was fun! Next year we will definately be needing at least three adults as Bear will be able to search for eggs too.
    The sun came out. After everyone cleared the fields we gathered up all the hay (while double checking for any left over eggs) and we fashioned ourselves a big ol' birds nest. The kids loved jumping in and out and pretending to be birds.
    Even though we didn't score the big huge chocolate bunny (phew!) we walked away with memories, candy egg prizes and a few cookies.
    Has your little one ever walk away with the grand prize from an egg hunt? What did you do with all that candy?

This picture cracks me up - all three girls walked over those eggs right there to go for the pretty eggs.

Big Bro's egg bounty!

Cracking open the treasures

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