Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Our School Supply List

    Before we know it the Hubs and I will be sending our little Miss off to Kindergarten. She has been ready for nearly a year! Poor thing thought that when she turned 5 that she was going to go but unlucky for her she was born a few weeks after the cut off - which makes her the oldest of the young.
    Kindergarten registration here has been such a process (here as in Western New York). I had to take her to get her eyes and ears checked. Then a few weeks after that she was finally screened to see what she knew - insert proud mama moment here - she tested at a reading level of "end of Kindergarten/ start of First Grade"! Now in a few weeks I get to take her back to do supply drop off and ride around on a school bus and meet her teacher, oh and lets not forget enjoy some juice and cookies in the lunch room. That's right! Three visits to the school - all during weekdays - all during odd times. Not a working mum's dream - then again since my department was dissolved at work I have the time now but didn't back for the other two visits.
    And the school supplies list is a bit tacky if you ask me. There are large quantities on there for "classroom use" like 20 things of glue sticks and even some teacher use items like low odor dry erase markers. Back in the day I remember getting my supplies and they were own. I was in charge of making sure they lasted and that I kept them all. I guess it's a free for all with classroom sharing eh? The only thing we bought for the classroom/teacher was a box of tissues. Now I have to buy things for the entire class to use and the teacher?
Here is our list (click to see it larger)

    Lets not forget my favorite - baggies. Boys bring in gallon sized, Girls bring in quart sized. Oy! What kind of items are on your kiddos back to school list that is odd or a bit silly?

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