Monday, July 29, 2013

Status Update with New House Pics

    So it's been one week since we closed on the house and we frantically moved from a two bedroom ranch to a four bedroom split level. We have been doing our best at raising three kiddos while unpacking and organizing. (I'd rather go through natural no epidural childbirth again than do that - for real - that was way easier than this!)
    The bedrooms for the most part are organized and settled. The only wallpapered walls are in my son's room and that border has yet to be removed. Paint colors have to be finalized but that's the least of our worries right now. Speaking of paint I also want to repaint the front door which is a plummy-reddish color. The front door also needs to have a new sidelight - the current slot is boarded up and just looks wacky.
    The office area is still in pieces but the desks are up and starting to be established. The dining area is looking ok but honestly I cannot wait to get to Ikea for that room!!
    As I sort through these boxes that lay scattered throughout my house and all in the basement I get a tickling reminder every now and then that we have an entire storage unit FULL of more boxes that we packed away from when we listed our house.
    Yes, we have more rooms and technically more room in itself, but we have half the size of basement and half the size of garage that we use to have. That's the dilemma but I suppose in a round about way its an "okay" dilemma to have. It's going to make me downsize which is something I tend to struggle with.
    So I will leave you with some pics of the new place before we moved in.

Entry Stairs

Office Area

Dining Room

First Floor Living Room


Our Fancy New Shower

Boarder in Big Bros Room

Upstairs Hallway

Our Groovy Basement aka The Red Room of Pain -
My SIL said that it reminded her of some room from Fifty Shades of Grey
(I haven't read it yet so I don't know)

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