Saturday, July 6, 2013

Update on the House & Master Color Reveal

    So the wait continues for the big move. I KNOW!! It seriously feels like it is taking for-e-verrr!! We are currently waiting for the lawyers to tell us the closing date. We are hoping to hear that on Monday we will be closing this up coming week.
    I am dying as I wait! In fact this fine evening I walked Bear by the new house. (And I also wanted to check out the side, see if any of the neighbors were out and spy on the dining table and chairs) Yeah, you read that last part correctly. Spy on a dining table and chairs. So the seller asked if we were interested in any of the big furniture at the house. We totally were heads over heels in love with the dining table and chair set BUT he wanted to sell us the "matching" credenza. (We totally did not need or like or want the credenza and there was no way I knew I was going to be able to sell it to off set his asking price - which was pretty high in my opinion) So because he wont split the items up I was keeping this tiny, little hope that he was going to have a change of heart and just sell us the dining table and chairs.
    Well.., on my walk I confirmed that the one side of the house could totally rock the shrubs that are currently on the side of our house (the one we are moving from and the buyer has confirmed that all the landscaping will be redone so we can take what we want that's in the ground - whoo!) I also did not see any neighbors sitting out. Darn. We think there might be an older couple to the one side of us.
    And the chairs that are part of the set he was trying to sell us were up against the front window. I couldn't see through the dining room because the shade was down so I couldn't tell if the dining table was still there or not.
    Why am I holding onto this idea of hope? I guess I should just take it for what its worth. Now we know what kind of dining table and size will fit and look amazing in that space. Now we can figure out what we want and start to save up for it or scour Craigslist for likeness versions. Maybe he thought he was cutting a great deal but I felt he was on the high side and since he was resistant to separate I wasn't going to be pressured into buying a piece of furniture I knew we wouldn't use or didn't want. Besides I already purchased a dual sided desk for the Tweedles to put where this infamous credenza is sitting. So good luck moving all your stuff through 4 states dude.
    On a related note - as we wait to hear on a closing date - I am busy trying to pick out paints for the rooms and even for the exterior. I cant wait to get in there to take before and after pictures for yall!! I have fallen in love with a completely different color palette since living in our current house. This is perfect timing. I think we're due for new towels and linens and curtains and more!
    I'll reveal my first color palette - I'm thinking for the master bedroom. I saw the fabric at the store and HAD to buy some yards (and there was a huge sale on the fabric so I got it for nearly 80 percent off!!) I'm thinking a valence and some pillow covers.

My fabric and paint swatch spread
Yellow with thin lines of darker yellow

Yellow, grey and white design on teal.

    What do you think? What is your master bedroom color palette? Are you thinking its time for a change? What would you alter in your room?

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