Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Boxed Up and Waiting - Still

    Yes! Another post about friggen waiting to move. How annoying right? Never did I know that this whole selling a house and buying a house process was going to be so drawn out and nearly down to the wire! What the hell?!
    We have until July 20th to close before our mortgage rate expires AND the buyer of our house drops us. I am on the edge of tears as I type that. That is four days away. The pessimist side of me knows its not going to pull through but the optimist side of me is telling me that it will all work out.
    I continue to box and bag of up the house all while trying to keep things organized. I continue to keep putting ideas together for the rooms in the house. The kids keep asking to drive past the new house (which the seller has officially moved out of as of July 6 so it's totally move in ready -but that doesn't help at all)
    Ahhhhhh!! What is taking the lawyers and the bank and the agents and everyone so long??!
    Ok - I am done with my temper tantrum. I'm going to go work on my freebie find. I'm almost done and can't wait to share it with y'all. That's all I can say or else I'll give too much away.

    Have you ever sold and bought a house at the same time? Was the wait this long??!! How did you manage?

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