Saturday, July 13, 2013

#20factsaboutme - Blog Edition

    I saw this morning that #20factsaboutme was trending. Then I thought "well, I'm kind of trendy, lets do this!" and here we are. Haha. Enjoy!

Fact #1 - I despise the winter snow and cold! I don't take part in any activities out in the cold aside from running from my car to the house. (yet we still remain in WNY)

Fact #2 - I always wanted 2 girls and 1 boy. So glad with the luck of the draw - haha

Fact #3 - Sometimes I wish we would have chosen a different name for our first born since it is now widely popular.

Fact #4 - I HATE getting food stuck under my nails when picking up after meals or wiping the kids down.

Fact #5 - I dream about opening up my own coffee shop - ever since 7th grade.

Fact #6 - I almost moved to Virginia with my cousin. (If I did I wouldn't have married the Hubs or have my three wonderful kiddos)

Fact #7 - I LOVE getting mail and packages; which is making me slightly addicted to subscription box companies.

Fact #8 - I am horrible at keeping up with my clothes. My closet looks like it constantly barfed up some outfits.

Fact #9 - My degree states "Human Communications" because the "General Communications" track was switched right before I graduated and I can't stand it.

Fact #10 - I love the smell of breast fed baby breath!

Fact #11 - I tend to ramble.

Fact #12 - If I can plan something I will, right down to the times. (I get made fun of for doing this but I think it pays off!)

Fact #13 - I look for "signs" and hidden meanings behind almost everything. (Most recently choosing a house and house numbers)

Fact #14 - I always dreamt of owning an old, Victorian house with a wrap around porch and an attic (apparently the Hubs dreams otherwise)

Fact #15 - I keep a strict eye on cashiers when they are processing my coupons and I will point out if they skip one (yes I am one of those couponers)

Fact #16 - I love to cook and think that I am a big time chef (in my kitchen)

Fact #17 - I hide a box of Lucky Charms above the fridge so the kids don't know there's a box open

Fact #18 - I was jealous when my brother was offered a scholarship to play soccer for Potsdam - he was an awesome soccer player.

Fact #19 - I have a bag of frozen breast milk I kept from my son (who is now 3.5yo)

Fact #20 - At least once a month or so I have panic attacks in the middle of the night because I am scared to death of dying.

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