Wednesday, July 10, 2013

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday

    If you read my last post about the dining table set "debacle" ( as seen here) you would know that the seller of the house we're buying offered us the chance to buy some furniture - one of which was his dining table set which was paired and not to be separated from some god awful credenza. In other words, he wouldn't split the two up and we definitely did not want the credenza so we had to pass. A few days of house stalking trying to catch a glimpse in the window to see if he left the set when he moved out over the weekend, we (or mainly the Hubs) figured out he took everything including the table and chairs even though we were holding onto a hope he would have a change of heart.
    After plenty of web searching we drew the conclusion on what we wanted to invest in - a rectangle dining table that seats six with a butterfly leaf and a pedestal base that has storage under. Oh and we didn't want it dark or black but also not a honey color or birch. Somewhere in-between but on the lighter side. Can you image being the store clerk dealing with me??! haha.
    On a whim last night I decided to check out Ikea's website (since there is one in Toronto and one in Pennsylvania I just can't hop in the car and go - as much as I would LOVE to be able to I cant). It was there that I was able to find a table and some chairs well within our estimated budget - in fact its under our estimated budget (double score!) that the Hubs likes. (He really is the driving force on this decision, but I honestly can't blame him. Once we saw the previous owner's dining set we loved how it fit in the room. And in his defense the current dining table set we have is my Grandmother's that we have had for over 8 years after she moved then passed away. This table set is probably as old as me if not older. Then again it was built when furniture was built to last. Anyway, so we never really chose our dining set and now is our chance.)

    Here is our current set (check out those moving boxes - whoop whoop):

    Here is the set we're going to road trip for!!

The picture is from the Ikea website and it's showing their STORNÄS extendable table with KAUSTBY chairs. Both in antique stain. Swoon!!! And apparently the extra leaf can be stored under the table - which is totally sweet.

    And just in case you were wondering - here is the set that was the previous owner's (I think it's either a Jofran or a Broyhill)

    Obviously we're going to change out the light fixture to something a little more modern and higher up instead of dangling down by the food. I get a laugh about the wind chime that is hanging in the corner.., I wonder if its a drafty corner., lol!
     What do you think? Is our choice worth the 4 hour or so road trip?

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