Monday, April 1, 2013

The day after - The easter candy conundrum

    Happy Post Easter everyone! It was a long day for us but we were surrounded by our family and that's ok in my book. My day started at 2am when I noticed our bedroom door was 3/4s shut and a glow of a light shining through. I got out of bed to find my two older kiddos sitting next to each other under a blanket watching Rise of the Guardians. I asked what they were doing and Big Sis told me they found Daddy's and Bear's baskets but that was it so they just decided to watch a movie. I told them they had at least four more hours to sleep then they could continue the hunt. Btw they were 55 minutes in the movie before I came out. Oy! They did go back to bed but woke up at 6:45 to continue the hunt and were successful!
    Easter Bunny did a good job hiding the Tweedle's baskets and even gave them 2 mini chocolate carrots and a couple jellybeans. If you haven't noticed we aren't big on candy and sweets. This is where the dilemma lies.
    I have mentioned several times to my Hubs side of the family that we are not big on sweets and that we have actually altered some products that we consume.
    I even recall the conversation I had after organic blueberry picking with my Mother in Law about macaroni and cheese. That even though some of us were raised on Kraft Mac & Cheese, production and ingredients have made some changes since we were wee folks. On many products not just that. (When I do make boxed Mac & Cheese we have Annie's Homegrown) Anyway - back to my original post topic!
    So I'll speed the story up for you since I got sidetracked. The contents of the eggs from the annual backyard Easter egg hunt had candy in - candy and coins but most candy. And my little guy was starting to get strung out as he was bit by the candy bug hardcore. I had said something about all the candy being too much but all I got back was a "Well when you're a Grandmother..."
    I can't even begin to describe how much my skin crawled when I heard that comment. I had a movie moment where I was tossing everything around me down to the ground to watch it smash all while screaming. But I kept my composure. I hate that excuse. I loathe that excuse. I actually find it rather disrespectful.
    I'm not saying that I want a candy-free holiday. I think it's ok to let my kids enjoy some extra sweet treats on holidays but this was mega overload. There are so many alternatives. I can think of grapes instead of Tootsie rolls in the eggs. Parts of a puzzle to assemble after all the eggs are gather? Even better! (Pats self on back)
    I got really upset when I watched one of them think they could trust my three year old little hell-raiser to "hold onto" three Tootsie rolls until later. Really??!! Did they really think a three year old would just hold onto candy and wait to be given the ok to eat? (About seven minutes later one of them was standing in the kitchen trying their damnest to pry the three out of his iron fisted clutch - I stood watching  secretly hoping that something might have settled in about what they did with all this darn candy and what it was doing to my little guy)
    I fear and almost have some to the realization that this will forever be an ongoing battle with them. The Hubs and I have had several talks with the kiddos about candy and sugar and what it does to our bodies. Big Sis does an awesome job making sure that any juice is watered down half way when they visit and have lunch over there.
    I feel like I have 2 recovering addicts in my house today and I am playing the role of Dr. Drew. I don't think I'm asking for a lot but perhaps to them I am. Unless it's just because it's coming from me, the daughter-in-law. As of today I have 267 days until the next anticipated candy conundrum aka Christmas. What do you think? Any helpful pointers or suggestions to help us out with this debacle?

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