Monday, April 29, 2013

Using your noodle - Fun Lunch Idea!

    Every now and then I like to surprise the kiddos with some type of twist on the regular foods. It was red milk for Valentines Day.., the hotdog/spaghetti octopus lunch..., green eggs and ham after we read the book.., an attempt at tie-dyed pancakes that just turned mostly grey. Oh and let's not forget about the peanut butter and surprise sandwich - the surprise was mini marshmallows.
   Since the kiddos were all outside yesterday I had time to attempt "Rainbow Noodles". The overall process is super easy just a bit time consuming.
    All you have to do is add some food coloring in the water while the noodles boil. I started with neon pink then added some blue to make purple. That allowed me to "reuse" the water so I saved time there with not having to boil another batch. I did have to boil a new batch for the green but then added some more blue again to "reuse" the water to make a tealy blue. So by working with lighter colors first then progressing to darker saves on time and water.
Pink with Purple - used one pot of water

Started new pot of water for the Green

Added Blue to the Green water and there ya go! A rainbow!

    A few pointers - make sure you rinse the noodles with cool water. This not only stops them from cooking and getting super sticky but it also rinses any remaining color and keeps it from running into other colors.
    Another pointer is use fast cooking noodles, unless you have enough pots to boil separate colors at the same time. I used Ronzoni Quick Cook 3 minute noodles. (Btw I was not paid to mention them that was just what I had in my pantry)

    This was super fun and easy. The kids LOVED the colors so much they ate the entire bowl. I will be keeping this cool trick in my pocket for school lunches, baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties and even outdoor cookouts! Have a fun food idea? Let me know below!
Fun Lunch Approved!!

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