Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mommy gets a dress - almost

    Ok so I will admit it - my clothes have been in this weird endless pregnant/nursing/non pregnant cycle. On top of that right before I got pregnant with Big Sis I switched industries. I went from the salon industry to a safety industry, so to the back of the closet went the high heels and fancy dressy clothes and out came business casual with comfy shoes. Those should really be brought back to the front and consigned or something.
    The end of the pregnant/nursing era is now coming to a close as Bear will be turning 1 in June. She is our last addition to the family. Three is enough for us. As soon as she was born all the pieces felt like they were in place and the puzzle was complete. Adios to all my maternity clothes! See ya! Go off and be fashionable on a mum-to-be. Although I think I want to keep a few things like my dark purple Old Navy hoodie I lived in after I got home when I was pregnant with Big Sis and then with Big Bro.
    Soon the nursing tops can be sent off to second hand land. And lets not forget those few "in between" pieces of clothes while the ol' body adjusted and got back on track. Going to have A LOT of clothes leaving.
    On the flip side - I'm starting to settle in on the idea that my body wont be growing anymore. I have been starting to make "investments" of traditional and modern pieces for my wardrobe. My awesome Mum took me to Kohls and bought me a black blazer, a simple teal belted dress and even a lazy day striped top (which is currently my favorite piece to toss on with some jeans)

Stripes baby!

    There are some weddings and events coming up too that I want to be able to have some nice pieces to choose from. A few weeks ago there was a dress in the JC Penney ad that caught my eye. I never went because you know.., life got in the way of that shopping trip but I found the ad (yes! I held onto it) and called to see if they still had it in stock. First JCP - they didn't have my size. Second JCP - she clarified the color and verified they had my size. I turned into mega-spaz! It's on hold right now for me to pick up tomorrow. The poor lady was probably tired as hell, it was 25 minutes to close, and as she told me which register to go to I asked her which one to go to. DUH!

Cute right? And it has pockets!!

    So here is my background story and apology for being a spaz over having the dress that I'd like and putting it on hold for me dear friendly JCP employee working on Thursday night at 8:25pm. It means more to me than you know. And here to keeping our fingers crossed that it fits and I look as smoking hot in it as the hanger does. Haha.
    Here's to the regrowth of my wardrobe! Lets not forget our fond farewells to those clothes that helped made me the Mum of three that I am today. Well the very slow, painstaking process of bidding adieu.


  1. Cute dress! I'm sure I will know how that feels with all the clothes in a few months.

    1. Isn't it amazing how our bodies (and wardrobes)change?! Good luck!!