Monday, April 8, 2013

The Zoo Crew

    Once the weather around here breaks the 63 degree mark - most people go out to enjoy it. There is even people in short sleeves and shorts, flip flops, sun dresses - practically summer wear! I'm just happy I don't have to bundle myself and the kids in 3 layers of clothes with hats and mittens. 
    I decided that since the kids have been doing so well (with a few hiccups here and there) about packing and storing stuff, being occupied while we work on things and such I would treat them to the zoo today. We are very lucky to have a zoo membership (thanks Mum & Dad!) so we can go as often as we'd like.
    So I packed up the kids, a lunch and what not and off we went! Side story! As we drove down the road I noticed some awesomely green chairs curbside. Now I am normally not one for trash day treasure hunting but I couldn't pass loading these up! Think of the potential!! I totally see these chairs - sanded and painted and brought back to life! A kid's table to do art and crafts on so my dining table doesn't suffer from messy accidents and creative minds. I'm sure the Hubs is going to think my cheese has slid off of my cracker but COME ON! These are adorable!!! Think I can get him to make a table for them?
    Ok so back to the Zoo. We got there, we saw the baby polar bear and we checked out some other animals. I let the kids finally get a "Zoo Key" It's a necklace that when you insert it into a station it either sings a song or tell facts about the animal. They did a few today. I'm sure the more we visit the more they will do them. (I hope).
    For some reason the giraffes weren't out in the exhibit BUT since I parked in the "free parking" which also makes us walk half way around to the zoo entrance we got to see them chilling and munching some grub. Bear got a kick out of seeing them.
    Here's to the first trip of the Zoo this year! I am positive there will be plenty more. What places do you take your kiddos to?

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