Monday, April 15, 2013

Well at least it wasn't a rainy day...

    Today was our first open house tour. Our listing agent was meeting a couple that was interested in our house. Over the weekend the Hubs and I busted our butts. We hustled. I think I am totally owed a pedicure and toss in a half hour massage in there too!
    Since today was going to be an awesome spring day I told the kiddos we could go to the zoo. They were angels all morning and in the car ride. Those halos must have been whipped across the parking lot because my Little Guy turned straight into the devil himself.
    Well I take back some of that. He did fall on the sidewalk and bumped his knee, just a little scuff. He wasn't bleeding out like a Quentin Tarantino movie. So he cried while we got in line, he cried while we waited in line, he cried while the do-do brains ahead of us finally figured out they were standing in the members line, he cried while I gave the kid our membership card, he cried while we went into the gift shop for a Band-Aid (I thought this was my chance to get him to pull himself back together - I was wrong). He cried while I put the Band-Aid on, he cried while we walked over to the elephants so Big Sis could go potty and of course he cried while she went potty. He just kept on crying. We tried deep breathing. I tried some signing. He didn't speak, just cried with an occasional pause for a new breath to cry with. NOTHING I could think of worked. I could not calm him down. NOTHING. I felt like everyone was watching me - a mother of three with a crying kid all frazzled. I felt like an awful parent.
    After many attempts to turn this zoo trip around I had to call my failure. I even offered up the hope of cotton candy if he would just walk towards the sea lions!! I tossed in my towel. (Speaking of towel - I had needed one by then because he decided that even though he went into the bathroom he didn't want to go in there. Can you guess what happened? My nightmare was springing to life in front of me - as a side note - he has NEVER done this before so this completely struck me out of the blue.)
    Big Sis had a problem handling the news of our failed journey at first. She started to break down but quickly realized why we couldn't stay. As I hauled our pack out those one way turnstiles we bid the zoo adieu. At least we got to see the elephant - oh and we saw the giraffes while we walked by on our way to and from the zoo.

    Our ride home was rather quiet, especially after he fell asleep about 5 minutes in. Bear drank her bottle and Big Sis just hummed watching the scenery pass. Luckily, or so I thought, when we got home the tour was done and everyone had left. I laid my Little Guy down in his bed and he slept for almost 2.5 hours. I suppose an hours worth a crying will tucker one out. The girls played while I made some lunch and I called the agent.
    Turns out the couple wasn't too thrilled. Sounds like they are looking for a new build at an existing build price tag. One of the big things the gentleman brought up was that he was looking for a house with all new windows. (* The description of our house online says there are some new windows, not all.) Cut us some slack man, one of the very first windows we installed was a gigantic, beautiful bay window. C'est la vie.

    (And if you still ask me about the house we put the bid on a few weeks back, yes I am still bitter about the lady refusing it and then only coming down $3,500 in asking cost. Really? Bleck!)
    With all that happened today the only thing that I am happy about is that it was finally sunny and 70+ degrees outside. No rain, no wind and no need for three layers of clothes! I'll give today one thumb down and one thumb up.

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