Monday, April 22, 2013

A Giddy Little School Girl

    Ok, so I'm sure you've been wondering where I have been (or at least I'd like to think that you've been. Haha) We have been plugging away at our search for the perfect house and selling ours. Yesterday was a big day for us. We had our first open house. We were also able to finally go look at the one house that we have had our eyes on but they were delaying viewings because the guy was finishing up some updates.
    Our listing agent said the open house went pretty well. She has 2 solid interested buyers and a few that were on the fence. Hopefully something will pan out with those. I keep looking at my clock waiting to hear from her today. I am such an Aquarius!
    If we can get a bid on our house, we can totally go in and put a strong bid on the house we fell in love with yesterday!! Yes, I know. Hard to believe that after our first "house love" and failed bid, we fell in love again. Haha. (Speaking of that, I looked this morning and noticed that the lady relisted her house under a new agency and agent. Could have been sold by now. Tisk tisk. It really is a very nice house. Too bad it's been empty for over a year.)
    A few kid updates while I'm at it. Bear has a wee little tooth nub and has been giving my blended veggie/fruit creations the cold shoulder. She wants the bits and pieces. The good stuff. Right now she is chomping down on some boiled carrots and orzo. She'll have some watermelon for a sweet finish. Yum! She's doing pretty good. Too bad I'm in major denial my baby, the last one we're having is growing up. Below is a picture of her snacking on some puffs and water in her "little ol' lady sweater"

    Big Sis did an awesome thing over the weekend as well! I am so incredibly proud of her! When she was three years old I asked her if she wanted to get her hair cut or if she wanted to grow it out and then donate it to kids who have no hair. Surprisingly she chose to grow it out and donate it. After growing her hair out for nearly five and half years she decided it was time to get her first hair cut. I measured her hair - from root to tip is was 24 inches!!! She donated 11" of those inches. She is simply amazing! I could not ask for such a kind, wonderful girl!
Before - 24"

After - 11" cut off

    Ok - I think that catches us up with what I have been up to. The same stuff but lots of it. What have y'all been up to?

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