Thursday, February 27, 2014

This is how I roll - bad pun

    Ok, ok yeah I couldn't help myself. Last year over the summer at a Farmer's Market visit I grabbed a big ol' egg planet and made a vow to cook or try something new at least but not limited to once a month. We have tackled lots! Plantains, romanesco, artichokes, kumquats and a persimmon to name a few. Some were hits and others were clear misses BUT kudos to us at least we tried them. *Pats self on back*

    This month was a big month for me. I attempted 2 dishes. The first was a huge success, the later was a gigantic swing and miss! 

    First meal was homemade egg rolls. (Spoiler alert - this was the HUGE success!!) I followed the recipe on the package for the most part - I forgot the sprouts and I just couldn't bring myself to buy an entire bottle of oyster sauce for a few teaspoons. In went the ginger, carrots, pork and cabbage. It smelled delish!! I was nervous about the wrapping part but I totally nailed it! I chose to bake them instead of fry them. The family scarfed them down. Lulu ate 2! The Hubs tried to hide the leftovers in the fridge but I found them the next day for lunch. 

    The second meal aka the major flop was a personal goal to conquer a childhood fear. In my husband's house growing up he feared lima beans at meal time. My fear was beef liver. I remember slathering ketchup in layers on the smallest of pieces just to choke it down. To me, beef liver starts off okay then turns into a grey icky paste that lingers all over my mouth - bleck! But there I was at the meat counter and it was looking at me. Fresh beef liver. With determination to tackle on this meat and whip away any childhood fear that was still lingering I nabbed the smallest sized package. I read that soaking it in milk could help take some of the "sour" taste away so I let it sit in milk overnight. 

    I fried up some bacon and onions and then came the liver. The smell alone transported me back to my parent's house and I was a child again. (In the mean time I had a pizza firing up in the oven as a back up meal as I feared the worse and didn't want to scramble when the verdict came in.) 

    I braved a bite. Going in with confidence and strength thinking this time would be different I started to chew. Then I wanted to stop chewing, it was turning. My childhood taste buds jumped up and out of their seats and started screaming "What are you doing??" "Don't do it!" "NOOOOO" 

    The Hubs, who eats practically everything, tried a bite and had the same reaction. In fact, he said lima beans had nothing on liver. The kids were ok sports about it. Lulu said it looked like poop on her plate (I hid my laughter as best as I could). T.W struggled with a few bites but he did it - it also helps that we have a "new bite" rule where the kids have to try a bite or two of something new. Bear ate it as long as it soaked in Dinosaur BBQ sauce. I choked down my piece and the Hubs did the same although he cheated as well with the BBQ sauce. Then Jax enjoyed the leftovers in her dog dish. 

    It wasn't a win but like I said, I conquered my childhood fear of the meal and that is one meal I have vowed to keep at bay forever. Do you try to do anything bold or new in the kitchen every now and then? Try a new ingredient? Make a new dish? 

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