Monday, February 24, 2014

Don't shoot the messenger

    Ever try to do something nice for someone and then you feel like they just took a big shat on you? I swear that happens half the time with my brother. It's got to be a sibling thing right? Or maybe it's just me because sometimes I get that feeling from my in-laws. Uhg!

    Just this morning I messaged my brother about contacting my cousin back. In this particular case I was placed at middle man. I simply asked if he returned her call and that it might be about the bassinet which would be in his best interest seeing how they're having a baby come June. I got a "sob story" about how he was busy that day when she called at the start of the month. 

    I wanted to blurt out "Time to be an adult yo. Time to keep your crap together. I manage to do it with three kids, a household and everything I have to keep up with" but I didn't. Little things can set off a blaze. I simply said I was passing along the reminder and that I didn't like being middle man and to get a hold of her soon. OY! Talk about shooting the messenger. I put my phone down and walked away. 

    I don't know where I was going with this - all I really had to do was vent. I just got super annoyed that I was trying to do something good and instead of a thank you I got snapped at.

    Do you ever feel like you're trying to do someone a favor and instead they burn you? What do you do?  

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