Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rufflebutt - DIY'd

    I like to consider myself crafty. I was in 4-H growing up. I love to paint, take pictures, design, sew and more. I being able to take something and put a twist on it. That is exactly what I did with an Old Navy romper.
    I adored this light baby blue and cream striped hooded romper the moment I saw it on the sales rack - and getting it for under $3 made me love it even more.

    Normally I wouldn't do anything to it. It's adorable and soft. It looks great on Bear especially with her blue eyes and I have always been queasy with the idea that little girls should only wear pink, pink and more pink. But I remember I had found some ruffles in the clearance section months ago that I picked up for under $2 that would go along perfectly with the blue and cream.

    So one evening I sat down and sewed on the ruffles. As each ruffle was sewn on, I got more excited. Unfortunately I wasn't centered all the way with the first ruffle so to "save" them I staggered the other two ruffles. Baby Bear doesn't sit still I didn't fuss to much over it too much.

    I am pretty happy with the results considering I have an adorable, one of a kind outfit for just under $5. I must admit that I get giddy when people say it's cute - because then I get to do a little mama-diy bragging. I can't help it! It looks so adorable on Baby Bear!!

    I have a few more projects in the making that I'll have to share when I get them done. Have you DIY'd any kid's clothes? Ruffles? Jewels? Iron-ons?

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