Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ever get that job discrimation feeling?

    It has been a few months since my department was fizzled out and I was left without a job. (I still get mad as hell about all of it - but there is nothing I can do but try to move on, my most recent.)
   I have been sending in my applications to many, many jobs. I have sent follow up emails since this whole thing is mainly done online now. Sadly I have not received any follow up messages or calls. Not a one.
   I did receive an email from one employer that I was really stoked about - simply put they went with someone else and apparently they had already been hired. Major bummer.
   I did express angst about my prior work environment that I had to "fight and claw" as the only working mother there. Not to forget the comments made about "being able to handle being away from my children". So it's only natural that I am feeling a bit of anxiety about possible job discrimination with my resume, more so my name marking me clearly as a female.
   Ironically enough I came across this shocking article about a gentlemen named Kim and his bought with job discrimination. He explains his quest for a job and how he ended up getting call backs - once he made one simple and in my opinion an ugly change to his resume. I say ugly because almost immediately he received positive results thus proving job discrimination is still alive and kicking.
    I do not hesitate one bit thinking that this is only taking place outside of the United States - if anything I would think that it is more common here than elsewhere.
    I am half tempted to alter my resume with just my first initial. I wonder if that would make any difference. Just thinking about it makes me frustrated.
    Have you ever had this feeling of being picked over because you're a working mum? What did you do?

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