Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cordially invited to High Tea

    Would you like one ice cream or two? We were fortunate to be chosen to host a MommyParties 'High Tea' Cadbury Ice Cream Bars party. Yum!


   Blue Bunny Ice Cream teamed up with Cadbury chocolate and created some delish ice cream bar treats. The flavors that were devoured by our esteemed guests were:
   Cadbury Royal Dark - Creamy Blue Bonnet reduced fat vanilla ice cream dipped in thick, rich Cadbury Royal Dark chocolate.
    Cadbury English Toffee - Creamy Blue Bonnet reduced fat toffee ice cream dipped in think, rich Cadbury milk chocolate with toffee pieces (Spoiler alert - this was the fan favorite!!)
    Cadbury Caramello - Creamy Blue Bonnet reduced fat vanilla ice cream swirled with caramel sauce dipped in thick, rich Cadbury milk chocolate.
    Cadbury Vanilla Chocolate - Creamy Blue Bonnet reduced fat vanilla ice cream dipped in thick, rich Cadbury milk chocolate.

    It was fancy occasion for all. The girls donned some beautiful dresses and a few of the boys came dressed as adorable gentlemen. They all had a blast playing tea party with the tea sets that were sent. We didn't use tea though, they enjoyed some nice, refreshing lemonade. The mums enjoyed some ice cold tea, too hot for hot tea.

    Everyone enjoyed their ice cream treats and like I said before the Cadbury English Toffee bars were hands down the crowd favorite! A few dresses fell victim to bits of chocolate that must have fallen off while being devoured. These ice cream bars are really yummy but just keep an eye on the chocolate pieces - they're sneaky.

    The kids had a blast playing Pass the Hat - one of the games that came as a suggestion in the party's planning packet. It's played like musical chairs but instead of running around chairs you pass the hat around and the person left holding or wearing the hat is out. They also enjoyed the Teaspoon Race. The two teams had to race back and forth filling up the tea cup with sugar cubes while balancing them on spoons. We used the larger spoons since our crowd was a bit on the younger side.
    What a beautiful and gorgeous party to be able to host while enjoying some delectably sweet treats!! In fact my eldest asked me when we were going to host another tea party again the next day! (I told her maybe once things settle after the big move - and she's trying to keep me to my word)

   Host your own High Tea party with some Cadbury ice cream bars! Don't have any tea cups or plates? Check out your local second hand store like Amvets or Salvation Army. You and your little ones are sure to have a deliciously fantastic time!
   Have you tried Blue Bunny's Cadbury ice cream bars yet? Which was your favorite? Did you side with our crowd on the English Toffee? Royal Dark was the runner-up.
**** Sadly my pictures are not loading up - Will try to reload soon ****

We received this party kit as part of a promotional program with Cadbury and MomSelect.

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