Monday, April 28, 2014

The Seasonal Shift

    Things have been on a shift here. It started with Spring Break for our Kindergartner. The week she was home started the natural shift of seasons. I thought this was going to be a gradual shift but then we had a bit of a family even tossed into the mix. We celebrated the life of Great Grandpa, who passed away at a remarkable age of 104 years old. We also celebrated Easter - although this year the Hubs and I agreed to not touch base again on the real reason we celebrate the holiday. We thought it would confuse the kids that Jesus was resurrected and that their Great, Great Grandfather would not be. 

    I would love to be able to start switching over the children's clothes but it has been so unseasonably cold I'm not even going to attempt it start that whole process. Then again, Bear has entered the "peel off pants" party. She likes to get dressed after breakfast and then once we are down the steps into the office - off comes the pants. So I have been digging into some boxes for dresses. We are in full on dress mode to help save my sanity - and from picking up strewn pants. 

    I lavish in the moments that I am able to open the windows to let in some fresh air. I also love being able to open the front door when the sun is shining in to let in some natural light. Side note - that is one of the major house projects we are working on - that front door unit has been a nightmare - oy! 

   I'm a bit antsy but I'm ready for this shift. It's nice to be able to finally have some sun and light in the house. It's going to be a big haul and I know its going to look bad before it looks nice but since the move we have a ton of bins and boxes to clean and sort through. 

   What is something that you enjoy in this shift of seasons? The changing of clothes? Of schedules? Or how about of household decorations?? 

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