Monday, April 14, 2014

Break in the weather

    Over the past few days there has been a break in the weather..., it's actually feeling like Spring time! The kids have been able to play outside without being bundled up but they have had to watch where they run around in the yard thanks to the snow and rain mix leaving the yard a bit squishy in spots. 
    It has been wonderful for our health and our spirits! Right now the kiddos and I are outside enjoying the soft breeze and warm temperature. The Tweedles are hanging around in the Hugglepod and Bear is sitting next to me eating some grapes giggling about the birds flying around. 
    Sadly, this will all change come the later evening hours where rain is going to creep in and the temperature is going to drop 4o degrees. I almost wish I drop big glass dome over our house to lock in this outdoor treasure!
    So are you enjoying some awesome weather or are you stuck in the eternal freeze thanks to Elsa? 

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