Monday, April 21, 2014

Starbucks and Springtime

    Many, many thanks to Modern Mom for the wonderful opportunity sampling Starbuck Spring Blend. Not only is the packaging beautifully Spring like - the coffee inside is absolutely delectable! We have been enjoying it in our reusable kcups with our Keurig. I really like the sweet orange found in the tasting notes of this blend. It's subtle but just a hint.  

How fun and festive is this design??!

    Speaking of orange - I am a sucker for chocolate with orange! Oh and the smell of chocolate! Easter brings about a ton of chocolate - more traditionally in our family solid chocolate crosses from my parents that they pick up from the market.

    Every year my parents come over in the early morning on the Saturday before Palm Sunday. We all load up and head to the Broadway Market. It is more or less a hodge podge of vendors, some year round and some seasonal. 

    And every year its the same thing - the men go stand in line at the meat counter. This is where getting to the market early is important - those lines can get awfully long! Who cannot resist a couple pounds of freshly prepared Polish sausage?! How about some duck blood? Or maybe a buttered lamb? 


    While the guys are standing in line, my mum and I take the girls to look for their nesting dolls. Last year the selection was slim pickings but this year the girls had a bunch of dolls to choose from. My little guy picks out a painted egg or two - a crazy feat to conquer in a timely manor when there are dozens of dozens of painted eggs glimmering in the lights. 

    The girls also get to choose an "Easter crown" from the vendors in the back of the market - but Bear doesn't quiet get the wearing part yet. The crown is on for all of six seconds then it's off and into the tote bag. All the kiddos stand patiently with their dollars in their hands and wait for their turn with the clown as he creates balloon animals for them.

    We usually meet up with the guys at about this time and wander around the rest of the market picking up goodies that catch our eye, always getting a jar of prepared horseradish, maybe taste a few wine samples, pick up some bakery treats and check out new trinkets and crafts. About the time we're all just about done is when the market starts to get busy. 

    When that's all done we haul the crew out to brunch - which has also been at the same restaurant for the past few years now. This year the Hubs and my little guy left after the market - they had a project that they had signed up for at Lowes to build. But I can tell you that next year we will definitely be needing a bigger booth! 

    This is one of my favorite times of year and one of my favorite family traditions! Spring time is finally breaking here - which made this year's trip to the market and Easter holiday so much more enjoyable! It's been an awful long Winter. 

     Now that the Spring warmth is sneaking in I have been enjoying my morning cup of Starbucks Spring Blend coffee watching the birds dance around the yard with my younger kiddos. It also goes real well with my french toast with a twist (its just a few dashes of cinnamon but the kiddos gobble it up!)

    What is one of your favorite Spring moment/tradition? Has it been in the family since your childhood or did you start this when you had kids?

    By the way do not pass up the chance to pick up a bag or two of the Starbucks Spring Blend! It really is a great medium blend of coffee with a great lively taste!! The Hubs who usually prefers light blends even enjoyed this one.

** The not so fine print - I was provided with two bags of Starbucks Spring Blend 2014 
as well as a gc towards our awesomely awesome new mugs that 
the kids finally decided on after spending 20 minutes looking around - 

many thanks to Modern Mom and Starbucks **

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