Tuesday, April 15, 2014


    What makes a man amazing? And I mean truly amazing. Is it his first steps taken? Is it the journey that his first steps begin? Can it be the people he meets and the memories he gathers along the way? Or is it more of the moments he creates? 

     What about the ones that he loves and the family that grows - and continues to grow and grow? Is it the people in his bloodline? How about all his friends and acquaintances?  All that are near and far, all that are here and there.

      Is he amazing because of his weathered hands from all the years of hard work and labor? Is he amazing because of the hidden stories only he knows of that mischievously twinkle in his eyes? Is he amazing because of how full his heart is?

      Do the growing legends of his years make him amazing? Every single one of the choices he made? The lessons taught from his mistakes? The time he took to teach the knowledge he knew?

     Is it the image of the man standing in all his pride with a stoic stature? Is it his kind and warm heart felt in a hugs embrace? Or a silly little something whispered in your ear that only the two of you share? The twinkle in his eye when he knows he's being a charmer? 

     Is it his legacy that makes him amazing? His children? His grandchildren? His great grandchildren? Or even his great, great grandchildren?

    Today I caught my 22 month old staring out the front window. Just standing there looking out. Her older sister tried to get her to come play and even taunted her with the promise of watching Minnie Mouse but Bear did not budge. I continued to watch her look out. It was peaceful watching her stare. She was still and as far as I tell she did not make a sound. I had a feeling she knew. For a good 7-10 minutes she stayed there peering out. Then simply turned and walked down to her older sister. 

    An amazing man left us today at 104 years of age. I can stand by my claim that he was amazing because he is my husband's great grandfather. I am fortunate to hold memories that I get to cherish. One of my favorites was right after our wedding ceremony and after we walked out of the church into the shower of bird seed. He tugged my hand and held it tight and pulled me into him. He whispered "You are beautiful" in my ear and gave me that charmer eye spark. That is just one of the many memories but easily one of my favorites!

      Recently I watched that movie with Ewan McGregor "Big Fish".   ****Spoiler Alert****  I simply adore the ending of that movie where everyone gathers together to celebrate the life and legend of Ed Bloom and the son starts to realize that his dad was spectacularly amazing - in life and continues to be even in death. I feel like this is how Great Grandpa's remembrance will be. 

    My heart is warmed knowing that Great Grandpa's life will continue to be celebrated even after his passing. I am honored to have known him. I am honored that I got to share moments with him. I am honored that my children share some of his genes. I am honored that my son and youngest daughter share their middle names with him and his wife. I am forever thankful for his journey. I am forever thankful for his choices made that have led in creating my Husband and my family. And most of all - I am forever in debt to this amazing man's first steps taken. 

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