Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring into action

     Just as things in the house were falling into place after the move we were whacked with an eternal freeze (sorry we've watch Frozen one too many times). So we've been locked inside the house all Winter long. We also pulled all the boxes out of storage a while ago and have been feeling cluttered. Our house doesn't look like one of those on an episode of Hoarders BUT it feels cluttered. 

   Now that Spring is creeping into our area a little at a time I've been getting awfully antsy with cleaning house and getting stuff out! The impromptu snow storm last week irked me but the snow is just about melted away now. 

   I was listing some items on a Facebook yard sale page but I wasn't selling as fast as I wanted to, if at all. Some of those people want stuff for free or next to nothing - even if it's brand new! I also tried listing on Craigslist but not a huge fan of that either. 

   I did try a local consignment shop but she wanted 60% and for me to bring stuff already on hangers. If I'm doing most of the work I'd rather have 50% thank you very little. (yeah that extra 10% makes a difference - haha) I even talked my son's school into a consignment sale so our profits could be put towards our tuition but that wasn't as successful as I had wished for. 

   I've seen some places online where you can send them your clothes and get credits but they seem very picky and I don't want to end up sending in a whole slew of stuff for measly credits. 

    The best luck I have had was selling a lot of baby stuff at a yard sale. I made a great profit and moved a lot of items. The only problem with that is waiting for warm weather to have a yard sale which is were we are right now., waiting. 

    So while I wait I'm going to work on organizing other parts of the house and get to some Spring cleaning! 

~ What is your favorite cleaner product? 
~ How do you approach Spring cleaning? 
~ One room at a time or a little by little approach? 
~ Is there a check list you follow along to?

Speaking of cleaning - here are all the treasures left in the washer and dryer after doing T.W's laundry. The joys of being a mum to a boy :)

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