Monday, March 31, 2014

In threes right?

    As if I couldn't complain any further, now I have a plugged up ear. It's been plugged for about three days and it is driving me insane! I have been trying all suggestions I can find but none have worked so far. It doesn't hurt. There is no pain it's just muffled and plugged which allows all noises to enter in the one good ear. And let me tell you.., three kids generate a TON of noise - almost too much for one little ear to handle. 
   I had a fleeting second on the car ride yesterday while shopping but like I said, it was so fast. I'm trying really hard not to agitate the ear but I'm also trying really hard to get my hearing back. Oh well.., add that on the list of things I am waiting to recover from. 
    Speaking of that, my ribs have been feeling ok. It's my lower back, hips and the top of my ankles that are slowly me down drastically. I have tried awfully hard to avoid pain meds aka ibprof but I have failed in that a few times. 
    Oh and last but not least but I'm sure you know that misery comes in threes so whats the third one?? IT SNOWED and it accumulated. Just as everything had melted away and most of the icky, grey, dirty piles of snow in parking lots and sides of the road have whittled down IT SNOWED!
    That's depressing. Thanks a lot Disney - I am totally convinced that this is extreme marketing for Frozen and Disney now controls the weather., lol. 
    Ok, that is all. I'll keep my pity post short besides the wee folks are starting to creep towards me as I feverishly type to get this post up. 
    Have a great Monday!!

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