Sunday, March 2, 2014

Distance and relationships

    I am familiar with distance and relationships. For the first few years of college I dated a townie so on school breaks we were about 2 hours away from each other. It was nice because he would come and visit me often, I guess it helped that he didn't take working seriously. (That wasn't the reason we parted ways - it was rather bittersweet how it ended and perhaps I forced it but it was inevitable that we weren't moving forward in the same direction. I missed him and his huge family for a while but that's a story for another time.)

    I also had a friend in high school that I tried to keep close with until she left to join the Navy. We tried to continue to write (YES snail mail - before Facebook and all that jazz was up and running). Our relationship quickly fell apart as she was consumed by training and boys - oh the boys! We met up a few times back at home when our breaks fell into place but she soon got married and the rest is her story. A few months ago I found out that she's moved back into the area with her parents. It's so weird to have a conversation with her over Facebook now adays. I miss that friendship a lot. 

    I had a friend who had moved to New York then she moved back to Maryland. I am so elated that she was finally able to be happy and she recently had a son but I miss her to pieces! 

    My one bridesmaid who was my co-worker at the time is trying to have a reunion with everyone but I am  not remotely interested in going. I guess I'm doing this to myself here on this one. I have just moved on with my life from that crew. This would be where having kids separated myself from them. 

    I don't talk to many people from my high school. I don't care to. I can't and wont force a friendship that has expired. Those people were my stepping stones into adult hood. Thanks for the memories and what not but if I haven't talked with you since we graduated eons ago, chances are you're just another person on the street. 

    Recently I have noticed my SIL becoming distant. Sure she lives an hour away but her and I used to share messages and texts on a daily if not weekly basis of deals, steals and freebies. Those have completely died out. I guess I don't mind it terribly much since I am pretty busy and I'm sure she is busy too but I guess I miss it in a way. 

    I don't like the feeling that I keep going "out of my way" on something and get rare results back. I've been feeling that a lot with my brother as I'm trying to clean our house and get rid of baby things - you know things they may be needing now that they're having a baby. I literally had to push him over here to pick up the crib mattress. 

    I guess I don't know where this post is going really. I needed to vent a bit of people being distant, becoming distant or my leaving them in the distance. I hope this is just part of growing up and isn't solely based on the fact that my three kids are my priority and not them. 

    Do you have friendships and relationships that have survived distance? How do you shake the feeling that it's one sided? 

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