Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The remaining thankfulness

    Before I forget and while I have some time I suppose I should wrap up that whole "things I am thankful for" list. I left off at number 19. (yikes! It's been that long since I've blogged?)

    20. Currently I am thankful of knowing my body pain is a result of a rib cartilage. Why am I thankful for that? Because now I know that heating it was causing me more harm than good. Sure it felt like heaven sitting in a warm bath with epsom salts but 20 minutes later I wanted to curl up and disappear. Although its not prime time to be favorable to ice my body, its feeling better.
   21. I hate to admit it but DVR and On Demand. There are few things I enjoy to watch which are more like guilty pleasures (ie. Vampire Diaries - yeah I'll admit it).
   22. So thankful for Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Night Cream. Lately the weather here has been cool to cold which is drying my skin out!! I've been slapping this cream on my face and it literally feels like smearing heaven on my skin.
   23. Saturdays! Before the Hubs used to work on Saturdays with an occasional Sunday so the kids and I had brief weekends with him. Now that he's been rocking his new job he's got his Saturdays with us!!
   24. My mum's afghan she gifted to us for our wedding shower. It is soft and uber warm. It is truly a piece that has been pulled out each and every Fall.
   25. I am thankful for my son's curiosity in the kitchen. Although sometimes it can waiver on that thin line of annoyance, he is the perfect little side kick when prepping delish foods. He was a great help making my real cranberry dressing (although we had to have the canned crap for my in-laws as I hear just how much they love it.., meh)
   26. Rainbow colored popsicle sticks in a tin can. I cant even begin to tell you just how much those simple little sticks have been keeping Baby Bear entertained. She carries them everywhere! Sometimes she doesn't even play with them. Sometimes she does. Either way, she loves them and dare if you will touch them. Helpful hint? Ask first.
   27. My daughter's Kindergarten teacher. She has made such a huge imprint on my daughter's schooling, she is amazing!
   28. (This one will be obvious merely for the day - Thanksgiving) Family. Through thick and thin, through love and hate - they are there.
   29. Today was Black Friday and I am thankful that I have been DONE with gift shopping/making. Although today I did manage to nab me a deal on a new desk. Well, the Hubs nabbed a deal on a desk for me.
   30. Last day! I am thankful for a the time I have taken to do this list of thankful things. Yes I wake up and start my day, sometimes set on cruise control throughout then bed. But little do  I realize the little things that are there to be thankful for.

    Phew! Ok I am all caught up and we have crossed the finish line!! I hope you enjoyed seeing things I am thankful for and have taken a few moments to be thankful for the things in your world.

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