Tuesday, November 19, 2013

More thankfulness

    Where did I last leave off at? November 16th. So here are the next three things I am thankful for.
    17. Believe it or not, my ex-boyfriend. Ok so I dated a townie while I was going to college - yes I know - a townie. (It had it's perks like finding short cuts across town or a place to wait out a snow storm with his uber large family instead of the dorms before making the trip home). It started out so weird and to be honest it makes me giggle when I think of what an ass he was in the class we had together (I mean he was an ASS!) but our early relationship was awesome. I even became a nerd and learned how to play Magic the Gathering - yeahhh but luckily that whole thing tapped out. Of course the relationship started to fizzle as I was nearing my senior year. I was eventually going back home and the 2.5hr distance was less than appealing. He was having a hard time finding a path and by luck he was presented with one when a cousin came along. We were growing apart and when it finally came to a head it was ugly - like we did things to make each other hurt ugly - but before we both knew it we were fine with it. So much so when I spent my last Summer semester there we hung out and he even celebrated my graduation with my family and I. As much as I loved him and cared for him I don't think it would have ever worked any further than when it unraveled. Ok - so why am I thankful for him? Well he made me realize what and who I really, truly wanted to be in a relationship. I figured out what I really wanted out of relationship and what I didn't. His family also showed me that through the chaos and cluster that the siblings all cared for one another no matter who annoyed or peeved them off just minutes prior. So townie dating stigma aside, I learned a lot about myself, who I wanted to be with and had some great college experiences with him (seriously that back road short cut knowledge was stellar!)
A little shout out to former nerd me -
this was one of the themed decks created and a card I will never forget.
She looks pretty dang badass eh?

    18. Lets lighten this up - I am thankful for blue ink pens. I don't know why but I cannot stand writing anything in black ink. Blue ink is so bright and happy. That is why I always carry a blue pen with me just in case I have to fill something out and they don't have blue ink.

    19. Fruit snacks. I am thankful for fruit snacks because those 9 or so fruity little treasures tucked in that colorful plastic baggie brings me roughly about 7 or so minutes of peace and quiet around 9:45am. When the younger two are home with me that is about the time when the kitchen has become a disaster and I need a second cup of coffee so ripping open a pack of those and having them sit down in the living room is heaven sent!

    The month is nearing the end.., have you thought about what you're thankful for?

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