Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tis the season for traditions

    I've been trying to move around more hoping that my body lets me bend and stretch the way I use to - you know - before the whole rib cartilage damage from my chiropractor. I think it's working or at least I am having the illusion its working. My hips are still awful when I try to bend down to pick something up (Side note to that! I cant believe how much I fumble when it's so much work to bend down. I swear I have been dropping more and more things.) And for some odd reason my ankles are still super sore when I walk or stretch them. I haven't figured out how that is related to my injury but I'm trying to deal with it.
    This weekend we'll be going to hunt for our Christmas tree. One of my favorite things to do during this holiday season. The past few years have been pretty mild weather wise and I'm still sad that the original place we use to go to closed down. But we are keeping this tradition going and my children are so excited.
Last year there was no snow
- pretty sure there will be snow this year!!

    We also have a story and brunch with Santa planned for the next weekend! I am totally excited for that! It's at the local mom & pop toy shop in town. When possible we support our local shops. I just can't wait! The kids are going to have such a great time. Bonus! There will only be 25 kids altogether there so it's a relatively intimate setting.

    What are some traditions you have during this time of year? What new ones are you trying out?

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