Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Kitchen Co-pilot

    My little guy LOVES, LOVES to be in the kitchen with me. Even if it's just to make a cup of coffee (speaking of which wait until you see my post tomorrow! Coffee.., yum!!) Since being home more with the little kiddos, T.W and I have been spending time in the kitchen while Bear is napping.
    Our recent project was ice-cream cone cupcakes! We had some extra ice-cream cones that I knew wouldn't make it to summer time and plenty of cake mix so we surrendered to a new project and it turned out to be a truly delish treat!
Cover a cupcake pan with foil and poke holes through the foil.

Place the ice-cream cones in the holes - they will stand up right.

Mix your cupcake mix (He chose red velvet - yummm)

Fill up the ice-cream cones
- we ended up filling most up just a smidgen too much.
As you can see in the picture below..,

Let them cool down - one helpful hint we found was if you poked a small hole in the bottom of the cone as it cooled the cones did not become soggy.
We used a toothpick to do this.

Since we didn't have any frosting I ended up using some chocolate melts.
I was very happy with using them because the chocolate cooled down so when they bumped into each other there wasn't frosting all over the place.

T.W had a blast decorating them
- even if his fingers turned reddish from the colored sugar crystals.

Bear even approved!!
Do you have a kitchen co-pilot too?
What is one of your favorite projects that you both create in the kitchen?

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