Thursday, November 21, 2013

Make it big and round!

    I like to consider myself pretty crafty and resourceful. So when the Hubs came into the house after putting out some holiday decorations and exclaimed he wanted to put a gigantic wreath in between the upstairs windows my mind started to churn. How much is a big wreath going to be? Do I have anything that big? What do I have? What's in storage still since the move? Ahhh!
    I went to a few stores to price out and nearly keeled over at the price tags.., this gigantic wreath was going to be over the $90 mark. *barf* Even with a sale coupon it was going to be over $50. *barf again* I just couldn't bring myself to buy one - not without checking what I had.
    A quick trip to storage to scan over the holiday decorations helped to ease the shock from the price tags. I had three medium-ish wreaths I picked up years ago at 90% that were uncovered in the move. My crafty mind churned once again. Sure they had a light pack on and said use only indoors BUT what if I removed the lights, cut the wreaths in half and linked them together to make a mega wreath!??!! OH and I had a box of plastic "unbreakable" ornaments I could zip tie on to decorate.
    I grabbed up all the items and made my way home only to realize I wasn't that strong enough to use the wire cutters to cut through the frame of the wreaths.., boo. I had to bat my pretty little lashes to ask the Hubs to cut and link. Once he did that with 2 wreaths he came to check in on the size. It was perfect!! No need for the third.
    My mega wreath was a big frail looking so I wrapped two strands of garland around to bulk it up. I zip tied the ornaments on and stepped back to admire my final work. It was perfect! The gigantic wreath that could have cost over $100 was sitting pretty waiting to be hung. My estimated cost is $15 with the garland being the most expensive thing in the bunch.
    What do you think? Not too shabby eh?
The spot the wreath is going to go -
a wimpy little wreath just wont do!

Call me "Craft-guyver"
(Ok don't - that was bad - haha)
What a beauty
- if I say so myself
There she sits
- pay no attention to the craptastic wood
- that's on the summer list of things to update

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