Thursday, September 26, 2013

What's more fun than a box - Kate Quinn Organics

    Surprisingly for the most part all the clothes that I had saved after Big Sis I have been able to use on Bear - even with the difference of being born in January and June. My galies are peanuts.
    I have picked up some clothes here and there for Bear - either dead cheep or fancy and fun pieces. I did try out Wittlebee under a discount code and was incredibly disappointed with the clothes and customer service. But we're over that and hopefully they've hammered out whatever hiccups they were going through for customer's sakes. Ironically I had received a Kate Quinn Organics onesie in a box but that wasn't enough after the disaster they sent to keep me on board.
    Let's fast forward. I swoon over Kate Quinn Organics and Violet + Moss. The clothes are beautiful, classic and warm my heart. You can occasionally see them featured on Zulily. I also love a good mystery so when I found out that they offer an Outlet Grab Bag subscription I knew I had to check it out.
    Here is a blurb from their website about it: our outlet grab bags contain either 3 or 6 items every month, depending on what option you chose. your bag will contain items from our outlet, and can include past season styles, samples and overstock items!
    Recently they offered a deal where you purchased three months and got the forth month for free - perfect!! Count me in! I signed up with Bear in mind, sizing up to 2T with no color preferences in a moderate climate.
    I received our first grab bag the other day and I am so excited. The items are beautiful and fun.
We are signed up to receive 3 items per month.
Cap sleeve bow dress in Purple Plum Moroccan - listed on the website at $38
You can see it in this picture but there is a bow in the middle of the front near the collar
Purple Plum Moroccan Organic Yoke Dress - I'm finding it online for $24.99

Leggings in Aqua Fleur Plume - listed on the website at $28
    I am over the moon happy with the items that were sent and the overall value of the grab bag. It is worth nearly triple than what I paid for it. The fabric is soft and feels incredibly durable. The dresses are so adorable and the leggings are beautiful. I highly suggest checking out this Grab Bag Subscription.  Even without the recent sale promotion they are definitely worth the cost per month.
    If you have already signed up - let me know what you're getting in your bags. I can't wait to dress Bear up in these amazing pieces!
**Again, I purchased the Grab Bag Subscription.
These opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way for this post.**

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