Monday, September 16, 2013

A (White) Greenhouse

    I love Ikea! I wish there was one closer - like around the corner close but sadly there isn't. On our recent road trip to Pittsburgh's Ikea I picked up their Socker Greenhouse for our herbs. Big Bro helped me assemble it - it was super easy! Luckily there were no major parts to assemble and it was super easy.
    In about 10 minutes we had our Greenhouse built and then got to work on starting our chives kit. Next we'll start the basil. Our afternoon projects while Bear is sleeping and Big Sis is at school.
    Trey is wondering why the Greenhouse isn't green - I tried to explain why it is called a Greenhouse but I don't think he bought it so I'm going to dig through some boxes and look for some of those yard sale dot stickers and have him stick some green ones on the white but for now our Greenhouse is a Whitehouse.

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