Monday, September 9, 2013

Call it in? Yeah

     According to our school district Kindergarten students may walk up to 0.1 miles from their house to a bus stop. We are lucky - well unlucky enough to have a bus stop 0.08 miles from our house. We have to walk down a block and a half. This is all fine and dandy right now when the weather is nice - we enjoy going on walks but what happens with I have to bundle and drag two younger kids through the snow and wind to go wait?
    Wondering why I'm venting about this? I am venting about this because we were told that if we were to question this arrangement that it wouldn't be considered that's how tight the school district has planned these routes. (That was from "Chatty Bus Stop Dad" - he was rather quick to pop our balloon on that) Whether or not that is true - I will soon find out. I'm venting about this because in the morning and afternoon I watch the Middle School bus stop at the end of our road and pick up the girl across the street. So the Middle School bus stops at the corner that was "assigned" to us as a bus stop and also stops at the corner of our road. MIDDLE SCHOOL. Those are much older kids than my Kindergartener. Making a 5 year old walk across 2 roads and past a fence yard that blocks direct sight of the bus stop and having an oh- 10 year old get to walk 20 steps to another corner?
    Am I missing something? Do I have a valid cause for a call? How do you handle bus stop waiting with the little kiddos?

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