Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year, A New List

    Happy New Year!! So the family plan was to see how long we could all make it. Trey fell asleep first at 9:15, he was doing good until he laid down to watch Despicable Me. Bear was next, the Hubs was cat napping on the recliner but woke back up. I couldn't make it past 11:01. Liv was holding strong as I tucked myself in my bed and was very determined to make it to 11:59 but the Hubs told me this morning she made it 11:40ish. So close! It's 9:52am and she is still in bed sleeping. You would think I have a near teenager on my hands but nope.., she is going to be turning 5 in a few weeks.
    I make a lot of lists throughout the year so I wouldn't say I have resolutions but sitting here I am thinking of so many things I want to accomplish this year. Aside from the obvious of working on getting a bigger house and finding my groove back in my job that I seem to have lost when my mac computer was switched to a pc (who does that to an artist?! My IT personal sucks!) here is my first list of 2013 to have something to aim for.

    Become more organized with paperwork, coupons, ideas

    Clean out the basement - kids clothes, kitchen items, crafting area, etc

    Sort out clothes - bye bye maternity and pre/post pregnancy clothes

    Frame all my pictures and get those hung before they're too old

    Finally get that Etsy shop in gear - I bought more papers the other day!!

    Exercise my patience better - not only with my kids but with others

    Grow a vegetable garden and kind of tend better to the flower garden

    Fire back up my sewing machine

    Continue cooking with something new and different at least once a month

    Gather, sort and store each kiddos memory box items
    Last but not least - grow this blog. To continue with reviews and product boosting posts. To let you know what worked for us and what didn't. To brag about the kiddos or complain about crap. I would love to be able to host giveaways or special savings. To welcome you into our journey and stay along for the ride. To share your thoughts and helpful pointers.

    I take a moment to pause to look at my three kids. I have one that will be turning 3 in two weeks, another that will be turning 5 in four weeks and my 7 month baby bear is crawling around heading towards her goal which is currently one of Trey's toys, I can't help but smile and take a deep breath in. It's amazing what a new year on the calendar will fuel us with. I am ready for my first day of 2013.

Move forward into the New Year!!


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