Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Surprise Party

    I have been missing for a few good reasons. My little man turned three last Wednesday and my little miss is going to be turning five on Sunday. So I have been planning their combined birthday party. It is a bit of a surprise for them. It seriously is nothing big. There are 5 kids and 15 adults, which is all of our immediate family. There are no extra friends or family, so it's a small thing.
    I asked Liv if she wanted a big party or a small one and then we could go on a trip. She chose the small party which I didn't predict. I thought she would have gone big. But it is really awesome that she wants to go on a trip.
    Naturally I could not help myself since my first born is turning five. A WHOLE HAND PEOPLE!! That is insane. I dont know what Im going to do when she turns ten.
    So we are going to have a little party with a Mermaid and Pirate theme. I am super excited. I was able to find an amazing place that is affordable and the kids will have a blast at. That is hard to come by for winter birthdays. Our current house is on the "small for party" side. The science museum was expensive and so was the zoo - besides who wants to go to the zoo in the snow?
    All my mums who have kids with winter birthdays - what do you do? When do you stop having family parties for the kids?

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