Monday, March 10, 2014

When one door closes...

    I'm sitting here at the table while my younger daughter is napping and my son is playing with a bowl full of water. Inside that water are a few of those magic grow capsules that contain those cheap sponge figures he is patiently waiting for the capsule to melt and decipher the sponges inside. He melts my heart with his love of exploration. 
    A few posts ago I talked about distance and relationships. I think its about time I come to grips on some relations that I have wondered about but ultimately have realized that I've been blown off. Without naming or pointing fingers why and how I'll merely say that its mostly family members. Sure - I will miss the close relationships I had with them or so I thought I had. I will miss dropping in a line or two out of the blue. What will be hard for me to do is to not go out of my way if I spot something of interest or use to them. Forget it. I have other things I can concern myself with.
    Bottom line - I will be nice and friendly but as far as our close friendship - it's fizzled. That's sad but it happens. Come a time in the future where they may come back - I will proceed with caution. Sorry but it's true. My life, my family and my time are moving forward. I will not grieve or feel green that I longer have your end of a friendship. I will surround myself with positive. 
    I just realized how cryptic this all sounds. Without sounding like a greeting card - Life is too short. And I don't want to waste my time worry about not being friends with them. *sips coffee and breath*
    That is all. I'm going to sit here and watch my son play in this gigantic bowl of water. Yes, he and his younger sister were completely confused and perplexed this morning when I told them they could paint using their fingers and instead asked for brushes and wipies but he'll go arms deep in a bowl of water. He makes me giggle. He loves good clean fun :) 

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