Friday, March 21, 2014

It's breaking - and its time for a change with some Frozen influence

    There's been a break in the weather.., gone are the negative numbers and we've welcomed upwards to 54 degrees!! Finally the ice, cold, soul crushing winter is breaking!! 
    Ok - so that might have been a bit overly dramatic but it feels like it has nearly been FOREVER since we had beautiful weather and didn't have to bundle up just to run from the house to the car without catching frost bite! 

    With this break in the weather coming I've been getting excited about upcoming projects. I'm currently working on Lulu's room. She has washed away her hope for a rainbow wall and has actively pushed for ..., wait for it...., Frozen-ish themed room. (Shocking? I know. Who saw that coming?? Btw that was a pure thick layer of sarcasm right there just in case you didn't pick up on it.)

    We are slowly weeding out pieces of mismatched furniture in her room and creating a "Big Girl" room. Keeping her white washed drawer bed is good for now but there is plans to eventually bring back her natural wood crib and convert it to a full sized bed. So for a little bit longer she will have a white bed and a natural wood dresser - but I'll try not to get hung up on that. 

   She's getting rid of the solid wood desk that was a hand me down from me from my mum. She's getting rid of a toy sorter bc it just collect crap and that is something we want to work on getting rid of. For now we'll be keeping the gigantic wooden Lalaloopsy doll house. 

 I told you it was seriously mismatched! 
Wanted to wait until the rooms were figured out before moving forward. 

    Lu has decided that she wants to have a reading nook in her room. (She also has super high hopes that she wins a local coloring contest that the prize is a Kindle Fire - her fingers, toes, everything is crossed for good luck!!) 

    So after brainstorming some ideas we made a trip to Lowes to check out paint samples. She chose a light blue and a light lavender. Just on a whim we crossed over to look at the discount paints and found a gallon of light blue paint very similar to the one she picked out sitting there for only $5! We nabbed that sucker up! (So it's a tiny shade off but we saved $25 right there)
Since the weather is still sucky and we want to paint with the windows opened we are holding off on the lavender paint. 

    While we were there we walked by some carpets and I saw a grey toned one that looked like snowflakes and since the new house had carpets all ripped out (which will later be replaced when our dog passes - its a long story but she's getting old and its just easier this way for now to wait) we brought over all the old area carpets from the old house. The one in Lulu's room could easily need replacing so as much as it was a tough pill to swallow paying what we did for the small amount of carpet (in my opinion) I was balancing the savings from the blue paint towards the carpet - and the Hubs has a Lowes card so we saved a bit there. 

    A couple days later I checked my email and saw the Frozen sale on and got sucked into that one! There it was - the Elsa wall decal! Perfect to surprise Lu with for after we paint her room. The price was the cheapest I have been able to find it but the shipping hurt a bit - shipping always does no matter where you want to order from doesnt it? Well luckily I had a bit of a balance in my PP account so in a round about way I only paid $7 out of pocket for the decal. Not too bad. Now keeping it a secret will be the hardest part. 

    With a can of blue paint and a new carpet already in stock - oh and the secret Elsa decal, Lu and I sat down to talk about seating for her nook. At first she wanted a table and chairs so she could "teach" the younger kids to read. But I explained to her that's what the kid desk in the office is for. I took a big gulp of being discount savvy and went to the Pottery Barn Teen site. She instantly fell in love with a leanback lounger. More surprisingly it was a design that I didn't think she would like but she didn't budge from her initial "OMG I LOVE THAT" freak out. 

    After a talk about taking care of our things so they stay nice and last longer, I told her we had to talk with Daddy about ordering the chair. So we had another discussion about taking care of our things, even more so now that she's moving on to the next phase of possessions. Gone are the simple plastic toys and furniture, here comes the more expensive, nicer and grown up items.

     In light of her recent selfless act of donating her hair to Locks of Love and her agreement to take care of her new room - I ordered her the chair. Luckily I was able to score some savings on that as well so it wasn't such a hard pill to swallow. 
from Pottery Barn Teen website

    This transitional phase is all new to us and I'm just hoping we're going about this the right way and the easiest way. Our first born is growing up and as clique as it sounds she's growing up way too fast! I feel a bit saddened by weeding out her baby/toddler possessions but it's also exciting to see what we create for her childhood. 

    I wish one of those home crasher shows would just show up one day at our house to do complete make overs of the bedrooms. Or at least win a room make over giveaway - lol. Oh and I wish I knew someone, anyone who liked to paint and would do it for free or beers! I hate painting. Bleck! And I wish we had warm weather right now so we could get this painting done so we can move onto the next kid's room!! Poor T.W has one wall done - ONE! 

    We still have a few things to hammer out like window treatments and shelving - oh and storage. What do you think? I'm letting her take most of the lead but helping along the way. Is 6 years too young to start working on a "Big Girl" room? How did you transition from baby to big kid? 

Some not so fine print but just wanted to make note of it - Zulily link above is my referral link - purchases have not been swayed in any form aside from what the "boss" likes

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