Monday, November 4, 2013

Catching up to four

    Things have been rather busy here. Some things have been out of sorts but others have been leveling off. Let's not forget we jammed a holiday where mass candy consumption is considered the norm. I am hoping that we are all back on track and things are closer to the "normal" we had going.
    With that intro under my belt.., here is the start of my list for things I am grateful for.., not just in the month of November but year round!

    1. My three children. They are unique in every way and they are simply amazing. Lulu is the dancer and singer of the group - she never stops moving or singing even when it would be in her best interest. She has a heart of an Aquarian for sure. T.W is the thinker of the group and he is true to his emotions. He will be the first to tell you if he likes or doesn't like something. He can crush my heart then cradle it into a loving, gooey mixture the next second. Lastly, Bear is my reader. She may be 17 months but she can sit down with a book and be still for a good 8 minutes or more. She has also mastered the adorable yet uber cheese smile.
    2. My Husband. 89% of the time he manages to make me smile or laugh, the other percentage is his silly attempts to make me smile or laugh but I don't - haha. He is a very hard worker, both on the job and at home. If it weren't for him the dishes would hardly get done and the laundry. Since the first diaper change in the hospital he always takes care of our children and is truly an outstanding father.
    3. My parents. It might have taken me a bit through those teen years but I am so incredibly thankful for their support and lessons taught. I believe some of my frugalness sprouted from trips to the store with my dad. Some of my crafting passion came from my mum - which brings me to #4 for today....
    4. I am thankful that my mum enrolled me into 4-H and allowed me to be creative. Without that I don't think I would have ever fallen in love with art. I would have never been able to look at a project and figure it out or put my spin on it. (Like T.W's mural on his wall that I will be posting about in a week or so once I'm done)

    What are some things you are grateful for year round, not just during the month of November?

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