Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lazy Day? Making Lists!

    Today is Sunday and it's the first one in a long time that we have nothing major planned! And let me just tell you it feels like heaven!!! The Hubs let me sleep in a bit today. He is amazing!! He did the dishes and bottles and even took the kids on a walk to get a paper and a quick visit to the playground.
    I love lazy days but lately I feel like I have so much to get to that I'm sort of racking my brain and writing down everything I have to do. Yeah, I am a list maker. Guilty as charged!! I make lists. Lots of lists. List of things to get, things I want, things I'm waiting for like packages or orders, things I have to take care of like vouchers or awesome coupons that will be expiring soon and the list of lists goes on!
    What do you do on your lazy days? Do you make lists?

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