Monday, June 24, 2013

Proud Mama Moment #25,321 at the Color Me Rad

    Please allow this Mommy blogger to brag. My awesome, beautiful 5 year old galie completed her first 5K over the weekend!!! She even did it in style!
    She was amazing and had a smile the entire time! Last year when she found out about the Color Me Rad 5K she immediately put that on her goal list. Now she can cross it off her list. It was a funkalicous rainbow!
    I am so proud of her and her growing passion to take part of races and runs. This is her 5th of the 2013 season and her longest to date!! She has a few more on her calendar to take part of. (Last year she participated in 5 events.) Totally en fuego!
    She is simply awesome. No!! She is simply RAD!!

Styling in her goggles and ready to get some color!!
Excited to finally start!!

Getting hosed with YELLOW!

The ORANGE blur is her

Making her way up to the finish
- after being dragged (literally) through PURPLE!

PURPLE color bomb!

YELLOW color bomb!

Color bombs unite!
    I just want to add - What a groovy and fun event!! We all had a totally awesome time! (Even with my sore back and big a$$ blister on my heel - haha) It wasn't a "serious" running event - there were no time chips. I saw a few people were wondering why there were so many walkers. Hey - at least those people were out and off their butts! We didn't run the whole time besides some of those rocks on the gravel were intense with plenty of hills. All that matters is that we had a blast and finished!

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