Thursday, June 20, 2013

Payback to my kiddos? Why not.

    The other day my little guy must have thought the sofa was really a trampoline and we've been hiding that fact for a long time. So he took full advantage of jumping away on it. Even after I asked him not to several times, he kept on jumping until I escorted him to the dining chair to sit and think.
    This made me think of all the things the kiddos do that drive me bonkers to our furniture and house. We all know that phrase "This is why I cant have anything nice" right? But we always think "Yes we can! We totally can!" We try to defy that. (I'm doing that right now as we look at furniture and decide what we'll want/need in the new house)
    So this is what the Hubs and I were thinking last night - we'll just do what they do to our stuff to their stuff when they're older. Sounds fair right? Haha. How funny will it be for me to jump around on my son's sofa? Or stand on his dining chair singing on the top of my lungs? Or sit on the dining table and chatter away?
    The Hubs is really looking forward towards his chance of taking a gallon of milk and "accidentally" spilling it all over the table and floor. I can only imagine. Haha. My daughter is notorious for spilling her cup during meal time because she is too busy talking and eating and talking while she's eating. Oy!
    Another one of my favorites is my daughter peels her pj's off in the living room and changes into her day clothes but somehow forgets she left her pj's on the ground. I can't wait to peel off my pj's and just leave them there so she can stumble on them while she's walking across the room. (That's a work in progress with her - she is getting better at that.)
    Last one for this post is the relentless asking for a snack from both of my Tweedles. Just five minutes ago they finished their breakfast of cereal, eggs, toast and banana and they are already asking for a snack. I haven't even finished cleaning up the kitchen. They don't give up either. I can hold them off for maybe a good solid minute or two until they're back asking if they can have a snack. I can't wait to eat a meal they prepare and then ask them if I can have a snack.
    Have you thought about this with your little one(s)? What are you looking forward to doing "back to them" when they get older? Maybe during their teen years? Maybe more so when they've moved out?

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